Social Benefits:

Our Employees
  1. We provide the entire costs of driver healthcare and pensions, reducing government funding of said programs
  2. We only employ union drivers, ensuring a predictable, quality experience for our 5,000 daily passengers
  3. We promote equality at RussellCar; from senior management to our driving staff, we proudly employ women
  4. Because our fleet runs on CNG, drivers spend substantially less on fuel
  5. We provide our drivers with flexible hours
  6. Drivers are allowed to utilize our taxis for personal use
  7. We offer our drivers paid vacation
Our Community
  1. Our modern fleet enhances the city’s transit safety and reputation
  2. The Buenos Aires Taxi Union benefits from increased revenue and membership, which it reinvests into facilities for its members
  3. We are constantly sourcing new vehicles, increasing local economic turnover
  4. RussellCar passengers benefit from a quality reliable service for all their transit needs